21 June 2010

Not uncontroversial

Very lively session for the Grid Storage Management community group.

We covered the new charter, agreed with the provision that we replace "EGEE" with something appropriate. We had a quick introduction to the protocol, an introduction which caused a lot more discussion than such introductions normally do.

Much of the time was spent discussing the WLCG data management jamboree. Which in a sense is outside the scope of the group, because the jamboree focused on data analysis, and SRM was designed for transfers and pre-staging and suchlike, completely different use cases.

Normally we have presentations from users, particularly those outside HEP, but since we had run out of time, those discussions had to be relegated to lunch or coffee breaks.

Slightly tricky with both experts and newbies in the room, giving introductions to SRM and also discussing technical issues. But this is how OGF works, and it is a Good Thing™ - it ensures that the discussions are open and exposes our work to others and let others provide input.

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