18 October 2010

CHEP 2010: Episode 4: A New Hope

The story so far:

The evil Empire of CERN has succeeded in paralyzing the world's data networks by distributing vast quantities of 'event data' from their Death Star in Geneva.

However, at this very moment, a band of resistance fighters are congregating on the forest moon island of Taiwan to lead the fight back...

Ahem. So, Wahid and I are currently in Taipei for CHEP2010. Despite the jetlag encouraging me to write paragraphs like the above, we're seeing lots of interesting things.
Tellingly, the inaugural speech was given by the Vice President of Taiwan, and he mentioned how important Science was to Taiwanese success. Unlike France, I suspect the UK would find it hard to get Nick Clegg to turn up in similar circumstances.
Back to physics, where Ian Bird, and Roger Jones sequentially told us how successful we'd all been over the year, and Craig Lee told us how awesome cloud computing will be when it is public. Just like the Grid (and Condor clusters) before it, eh?
Finally, we had a discussion of many-core scaling for LHC VOs by Sverre Jarp. This is an area of significance in data provision, and the challenge of scaling io is something we're still looking at how best to address.

Of the parallel talks I attended, the most interesting was the CERNVMFS talk - it's still impressive how well it works.
Other interesting things: talks on EMI release processes (they have QA metrics!), posters on FTS over scp, Amazon ECC for CMS (too expensive), L-Grid webportal, and the ATLAS consistency service.

More from Wahid tomorrow.

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