20 October 2010

CHEPping part 2

Having got my talk out of the way (more on that later), I am now free to blog my view on activities so far here in Taiwan. I will avoid telling you about the driving rain, puppet shows and million-mini-course dinners, sticking instead to the hard storage facts.
My highlight/snippets on Monday/Tuesday activities:
- Lots on many core - but the valid question was asked, can IO keep up with this?
- Partick told us the plans (as they are now) for Data management middleware in EMI. Storm is in the plans (though was somewhat absent from the session to provide an update on their status.)
- Oliver told us the roadmap for DPM:(immediate news is that DPM 1.8.0 is in certification including a 3rd party rfcp to allow it to be used for draining.)
- Ricardo gave a nice talk on the DPM work on NFS4.1 which has reached the stage of a prototype.
For the slides on the later talks see this session:

- My talk went OK with many questions, including those (interested in) doing similar benchmarking work. Hopefully we can get some common ideas towards providing something useful for sites to test and tune.
- Unfortunately I was talking at the same time as Illija's talk on the ATLAS root improvements which among other things outline that some of the further improvements in ROOT 5.26 would not be available in the current ATLAS reprocessing due to some other bugs which, thanks to connections made during the talk, may get fixed. Also up at the same time (!
) was Philippe Canal's talk with more detail on the ROOT changes as well as CMS's experiences in implementing them (

Other news - we had a very productive meeting with the DPM team, which should see us soon getting hold of the prerelease NFS4.1 interface for testing (around the next month) and also (probably before that) we'll be testing the "3rd party rfcp" mentioned above to tune it for fastest possible drains (yeah!) . We also talked about creating a central repository to collect together any DPM related nagios probes that people are using (before consolodating / adding new ones)

Packed days (so many sessions at once that even with Sam and I covering different sessions we are still missing half the stuff) - and we are only half way through! So standby for more info, if I don't get lost in the electronics markets or washed away by a typhoon.

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James said...

Please feel free to use the probe repository in Manchester for the DPM nagios probes: http://www.sysadmin.hep.ac.uk/svn/grid-monitoring/trunk/probe/