19 December 2012

Storage/Data management overview from ATLAS Jamboree

I luckily had the opportunity to go to the ATLAS jamboree at CERN in December, a link to which can be seen here:

Part of my time was to give the report on the FTS3 tests we within the UK have been doing for CMS and ATLAS, but other points of interest I picked up which might be of interest (or not!) are that:

  • ATLAS plan to reduce the need for space tokens as much as possible.
  • Plan to rename all files ( over 120PB!) of files for the new RUCIO system.
  • webDaV and xrootd for T2s being required.
  • Storage on cloud still being looked into.
  • Plan for SRM to not be used at disk only sites.
  • How to rename files on tape for RUCIO (and how tape families will work in new system) are still under investigation.
  • Plan for xrootd and webdav usage in read only mode to start with; but intend to test read/write for both LAN and WAN access. (And both full and sparse read of the files using xrootd.
  • Known SL6 xrootd problem for DPM storage systems causing "headaches"!
  • ATLAS plan a full dress rehearsal of usage of Federated Access by Xrootd (FAX) for January 21st. It will be interesting to see if we can get any further sites in the UK involved.
  • ATLASHOTDISK as a space token should be able to go away "soon" (if site has CVMFS). 
And there I thought I was going to have a quiet new year! Of course some of these changes are already planning for the long shut down (LS1); but it appears it is going to be an interesting 2013.

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