20 December 2012

Happy Holidays From Dave and Georgina!

As we come to the arbitrary cycle end of the common  major period of time coinciding with the middle of the northern hemisphere winter, I though I should give an update of how things have been going for me.
I (Dave) currently have relatives in 110 rooms; (out of the 748 which ATLAS own.)
There are 988 unique children; of whom are:
723 Dirks'
138 Ursulas'
35 Gavins'
1 Valery
1 Calibration
Worryingly is how many do not have a clone in another room, hence if that room gets destroyed then is lost. Of the 988 children:
1 has 4 clones
8 have 3 clones
53 have 2 clones
143 have 1 clone
693 are unique to the single room they live in.
These unique children have 48743 files and a size of 7TB. These are the numbers that are at risk of permanent loss. Thankfully; 17173 files (~9.074 TB)  are safely replicated.
The newest children were born 15/11/12; so users are still finding me and/or my children interesting.

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