08 August 2014

ARGUS user suspension with DPM

Many grid services that need to authenticate their users do so with LCAS/LCMAPS plugins, making integration with a site central authentication server such as ARGUS relatively straightforward. With the ARGUS client LCAS/LCMAPS plugins configured, all authentication decisions are referred to the central service at the time they're made. When the site ARGUS is configured to use the EGI/NGI emergency user suspension policies, any centrally suspended user DN will be automatically blocked from accessing the site's services.

However, DPM does it's own authentication and maintains its own list of banned DNs, so rather than referring each decision to the site ARGUS, we need a specific tool to update DPM's view based on the site ARGUS server. Just to complicate matters further, DPM's packages live in the Fedora EPEL repository, which means that they cannot depend on the ARGUS client libraries, which do not.

The solution is the very small 'dpm-argus' package which is available from the EMI3 repositories for both SL5 and SL6; a package dependency bug has prevented its installation in the past, but this has been fixed as of EMI3 Update 19. It should be installed on the DPM head node (if installing manually rather than with yum, you'll also need the argus-pep-api-c package from EMI) and contains two files, the 'dpns-arguspoll' binary, and its manual page.

Running the tool is simple - it needs a 'resource string' to identify itself to the ARGUS server (for normal purposes it doesn't actually matter what it is) and the URL for the site ARGUS:
dpns-arguspoll my_resource_id https://argus.example.org:8154/authz
when run, it will iterate over the DNs known to the DPM, check each one against the ARGUS server, and update the DPM banning state accordingly. All that remains is to run it periodically. At Oxford we have an '/etc/cron.hourly/dpm-argus' script that simply looks like this:
# Sync DPM's internal user banning states from argus

export DPNS_HOST=t2se01.physics.ox.ac.uk
dpns-arguspoll dpm_argleflargle https://t2argus04.physics.ox.ac.uk:8154/authz 2>/dev/null
And that's it. If you want to be able to see the current list of DNs that your DPM server considers to be banned, then you can query the head node database directly:
echo "SELECT username from Cns_userinfo WHERE banned = 1;" | mysql -u dpminfo -p cns_db
At the moment that should show you my test DN, and probably nothing else.

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