21 August 2014

Updated data models from experiments

At the GridPP meeting in Ambleside ATLAS announced having lifetime on their files: not quite like the SRM implementation where a file could have a finite when created, but more like a timer which counts after each access. Unlike SRM, deletion when the file has been not accessed for the set length of time, the file will be automatically deleted. Also notable is that files can now belong to multiple datasets, and they are set with automatic replication policies (well, basically how many replicas at T1s are required.) Now with extra AOD visualisation goodness.

Also interesting updates from LHCb, they are continuing to use SRM to stage files from tape, but could be looking into FTS3 for this. Also discussed the DIRAC integrity checking with Sam over breakfast. In order to confuse the enemy they are not using their own GIT but code from various places: both LHCb and DIRAC have their own repositories, and some code is marked as "abandonware," so determining which code is being used in practice requires asking. This correspondent would have naïvely assumed that whatever comes out of git is being used... perhaps that just for high energy physics...

CMS to speak later.

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