01 December 2014

Good Year for FTS Transfers.( My first legitimate use of EB.)

During this year, the WLCG sites running the File Transfer Service (FTS)  upgraded to FTS3.
We have also reduced the number of sites running the service. This has led RAL service to be used more heavily.
A total of 0.224EB ( or 224 PBytes) of Data was moved using WLCG FTS services ( (604M files).
This is split down by VO by:
131PB/550M files for ATLAS (92M failed transfers).  66PB/199M files were by the UK FTS.
85PB/48M files for CMS (10M failed  transfers).  25PB/14M files were by the UK FTS.
8PB/6M files for all other VOs (6.7M failed transfers). 250TB/1M files were by the UK FTS.

(Of course these figures ignore file created and stored at sites from the output of Worker Node jobs and also ignores the "chaotic" data transfer of files via other data transfer mechanisms.) 

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