08 December 2014

Ruminations from the ATLAS Computing Jamboree '14

SO..... I have just spent the last 2.5 days at the ATLAS Facilities and Shifters Jamboree at CERN.
The shifters Jamboree was useful to attend since it allowed me to better comprehend the operational shifter's view  of issues seen on services that I help keep in working order. The facilities Jamboree helped to highlight the planned changes (near term and further) for computer operations and service requirement for Run2 of the LHC.
A subset of highlights are:

Analysis jobs have been shown to handle 40MB/s (we better make make sure our internal network and disk servers can handle this with using direct I/O.

Planned increase in analysing data from the disk cache in front of our tape system rather than the disk only pool.

Increase in amount (and types) of data the can be moved to tape. (VO will be able to give a hint  to expected lifetime on tape. In general ATLAS expect to delete data from tape at a scale not seen before.)

Possibly using an web enabled object store to allow storage and viewing of log files.

Event selection analysis as a method of data analysis on the sub file level.

I also know what the tabs in bigpanda now do!!! (but that will be another blog ...)

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