04 June 2007

DPM sites failing SAM due to change in ops VOMs role

The SAM people changed the VOMs role of the certificate being used to run the ops SAM tests. This led to the majority of DPM sites on the grid failing the replica management tests on over the weekend. Why they made this change (with no announcement) on a Friday is unknown. Graeme's got some information here:


All UK DPM sites were failing with the exception of RHUL and Brunel (well done Duncan). All of these sites should run the script that was posted to LCG-ROLLOUT as this will alter the ACLs on the generated directories appropriately.

The other annoying thing is that this wouldn't have happened if all sites were running DPM 1.6.4 (which supports secondary groups). The problem is that this release is broken (due to 2 different problems) meaning that no one is running it!

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