06 June 2007

DPM 1.6.5 Coming...

It's not here yet, but DPM 1.6.5 has been tagged for release as part of gLite 3.1. A list of goodies with this release are:

- remove expired spaces
- avoid crash in dpm_errmsg/Cns_errmsg when supplied
buffer is too small (GGUS ticket 21767)
- correct processing of rfio_access on DPM TURLs
- return DPM version in otherInfo field of srmPing
- dpm-shutdown: take "server" into account
- add methods ping and getifcevers in LFC/DPM
- fixed bug #25830: add ACLs on disk pools
- dpm-qryconf: add option --group to display
groupnames instead of gids
- dpm-qryconf: add option --proto to display
supported protocols
- fixed bug #25810: dpm-qryconf: add option --si
to display sizes in power of 10
- implement recursive srmLs and srmRmdir
- DPM-DSI plug-in for the GT4 gridftp2 server

The gridftp v2 server looks to be rather an interesting development.

The patch has all the details.

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