26 June 2007

DPM 1.6.5-1 in PPS

v1.6.5-1 of DPM is now in pre-production. The relevant savannah page is here:


This release involves various bug fixes. What is interesting is that it will now be possible to set ACLs on DPM pools, rather than just limiting a pool to either a single VO or all VOs. This should make sites happy. The previous posting on this version of DPM mentioned that gridftpv2 would be used, but the release notes don't mention this, so we will have to wait and see.

Also out in PPS is the use of v1.3 of the GLUE schema. This is really good news since GLUE 1.3 will allow SEs to properly publish information about SRM2.2 storage spaces (i.e. Edinburgh has 3TB of ATLAS_AOD space).


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