14 August 2007

DPM and xrootd

Following on from dCache, DPM is also developing an xrootd interface to the namespace. xrootd is the protocol (developed by SLAC) that provides POSIX access to their Scalla storage system, who's other component is the oldb clustering server.

DPM now has a usable xrootd interface. This will sit alongside the rfiod and gridftp servers. Currently, the server has some limitations (provided by A Peters at CERN):

* xrootd server runs as a single 'DPM' identity, all file reads+writes are done on behalf of this identity. However, it can be restricted to read-only mode.

* there is no support of certificate/proxy mapping

* every file open induces a delay of 1s as the interface is implemented as an asynchronous olbd Xmi plugin with polling.

On a short time scale the certificate support in xrootd will be fixed and VOMS roles added (currently certificate authentication is broken for certain CAs) . After that, the DPM interface can be simplified to use certificates/VOMs proxies & run as a simple xrootd OFS plugin without need for an olbd setup.

So it seems that xrootd is soon going to be available across the Grid. I'm sure that ALICE (and maybe some others...) will be very interested.

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tomaso said...

is there any announcement of this and/or guide how to setup DPM with xrootd?