22 August 2007

Storage accounting - new and improved

We have made some improvements to the storage "accounting" portal (many thanks go to Dave Kant) during the past week or so. The new features are:

1. "Used storage per site" graphs are now generated (see image). This shows the breakdown of resources per site, which is good when looking at the ROC or Tier-2 views.

2. "Available storage per VO" graphs are generated in addition to the "Used" plots that we've always had. This comes with the usual caveats of available storage being shared among multiple VOs.

3. There is a Tier-2 hierarchical tree, so that you can easily pick out the Tier-2s of interest.

4. A few minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Current issues are in savannah.

The page is occasionally slow to load up as the server is also used by the GOC to provide RB monitoring of the production grid. Alternatives to improve speed are being looked at.

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