23 August 2007

sgm and prod pool accounts

I've been a bit confused of late regarding what the best course of action is regarding how to deal with sgm and prod pool accounts on the SEs, in particular, dCache. As an example, Lancaster have run into the problem where a user with an atlassgm proxy has copied files into the dCache and has correspondingly been mapped to atlassgm:atlas (not atlassgm001 etc, just plain old sgm). Non-sgm users have then tried to remove these files from the dCache and have been denied since they are simple atlas001:atlas users. The default dCache file permissions do not allow group write access. This raises a few issues:

1. Why is atlassgm being used to write files into the dCache in the first place?

2. Why are non-sgm users trying to remove files that were placed into the dCache by a (presumably privileged) sgm user?

3. When will dCache have ACLs on the namespace to allow different groups of users access to a bunch of files?

The answer to the 3rd point is that ACLs will be available some time next year when we (finally) get the Chimera namespace replacement to PNFS. ACLs come as a plugin to Chimera.

The interim solution appears to be just to map all atlas users to atlas001:atlas, but this obviously doesn't help the security and traceability aspect that pool accounts are partially trying to solve. Since DPM supports namespace ACLs, we should be OK with supporting sgm and prod pool accounts. Of course, this requires that everyone has the appropriately configured ACLs, which isn't necessarily the case, as we've experienced before.

Comments welcome below.

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