22 September 2007

Shameless self promotion

OK, so obviously I've got nothing to do tonight other than talk about my contributions to CHEP. The presentation was on the possibility of using DPM in the distributed Tier-2 environment that we have within GridPP. We (Graeme Stewart and myself) used a custom RFIO client running on multiple nodes of the Glasgow CPU farm to read data from a DPM that was sitting in Edinburgh. It was surprisingly easy to do actually. You can find the slides in Indico.
Futuer investigations will use a dedicated, low-latency ligthpath rather than the production network.

We also had a poster at CHEP which was looking at the scalability of DPM when using RFIO access across the LAN. It used an identical method to the WAN paper, but in this case we were interested in really stressing the system and seeing how DPM scales are you add in more hardware. Summary: it performs very well and can easily support at least 100TB of disk. Check out Indico for details.

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