22 September 2007

SRM2.2 spaces at Tier-2s

One thing that is really worrying me is regarding the current deployment plan for SRM2.2. The idea is to get this stuff rolled out into production at all Tier-2s by the end of January. This is a difficult task when you think of the number of Tier-2s, all with their different configurations and experiments that need supporting. Oh, and it would also be good if we actually knew what the experiments want from SRM2.2 at Tier-2s. There needs to be a good bit more dialogue between them and the GSSD group to find out what spaces should be setup and how the disk should be separated. Or maybe they just don't care and want all the disk in a large block with a single space reservation made against it. One way or the other, it would be good to know.


David said...

Hi Greig,

Good to hear you are worrying about these things. In fact, on SRM2.2 the plan is for a workshop for sysadmins on Nov 13th/14th. Jeremy is now back from vacation and you should hear more about it shortly. Clearly your input also required.

Greig A Cowan said...

Hi David (not sure which David that is),

I know about the workshop since I'm the one who is organising it!

I'll make an official announcement about it soon.