22 November 2007

gridpp-storage turns 1(00)

Just thought I would let everyone know that we have now reached the 100th posting on this little blog and it also happens to fall exactly on the 1 year anniversary of it's creation. Strange how these two milestones coincide like that. Doing the maths, it means that there are about 2 postings per week. What I don't know, however, is whether or not this implies that there is too much or too little to talk about when it comes to Grid storage? Maybe it means I should be doing more work.

As an aside, when I said "everyone" above, I don't actually know how large "everyone" is. As a guess, I would say at most 7 people. Maybe a few comments below would prove me wrong...

Also, I should say that Lancaster are planning on moving to dCache 1.8.0 in production next week. This is great news as it measn they will be all set for the CCRC'08 (the last C means Challenge, that's the important bit) that is due to start 1Q08. Everyone else should have similar plans in their minds.


Ewan said...

Must be more than seven readers - I'm here via the planet and I can't be the only one.

SteveT said...

I am glued..