10 November 2007

SRM2.2 deployment workshop - bulletin 5

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The workshop is almost upon us, I can't believe it's come round this fast! It was only a few weeks ago that I was proposing the idea of running this event. Preparations have been continuing apace and I now have the computer lab set up with 20 dCache and DPM test instances. Interested participants will use their laptops to connect to these machines during the tutorials and will configure the SRM2.2 service. There will be contributions from many sources during the workshop; the developers, experiment representatives and members of the WLCG GSSD are all putting together material. Thanks to everyone for all of their efforts!

The map above pinpoints some of the main locations that you will need to know about during the workshop. Hopefully you'll get the chance to see some more of Edinburgh's attractions while you are here.

Check Indico for the latest agenda:


Note that we have added a discussion session about the future of storage support. This is important given that (fingers crossed) we will be receiving physics data next year; we need to ensure the storage services have high availability and reliability.

See you next week.

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