02 November 2007

SRM2.2 deployment workshop - bulletin 4

We are now up to 55 registered participants! This is great - clearly a lot of people are interested in learning about SRM and the workshop presents a good opportunity for everyone to meet the middleware developers; find out about basics (and the complexities) of SRM2.2 and exchange hints/tips with site admins from all over WLCG.

I would ask everyone to come prepared for the workshop - have a think about your current storage setup and how this will be changing over the coming year. I would imagine everyone will be buying more disk so how do you want this set up? If you support many VOs, do you want to give dedicated disk to some of them while the others share?

Also, I've worked out some more of the technicalities of the hands on session. There are 20 desktop machines at NeSC which we can use for the tutorial and I have started setting up dCache/DPM images which will be rolled out across the cluster. I'll ask everyone to use their laptops to ssh onto the machines, but everyone will have to work in pairs; unfortunately there aren't hosts for one each. We'll be using a temporary CA for host and user certificates.

Finally, just to clarify that the workshop starts at 1pm on Tuesday 13th Nov. Make sure you pick up some lunch beforehand! You should be able to find plenty of eateries near to NeSC. Looking forward to see you all soon.


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