23 January 2008

Banned by SAM

Looks like the SAM people weren't very happy with the monitoring that I was running to summarise the status of storage resources on the Grid. In fact, they were so unhappy that they decided to block the IP address that I was using and switch off access to the /sqldb/ query path on their server! As such, the monitoring hasn't been working for the past few days.

I'll admit that I was putting a fair bit of load on their database since I was using a multithreaded application to request information about 6 different tests for ~200 SEs over the past 30 days, but I think this is a bit harsh. Another part of the problem is that the script seemed to trip up when processing information on a couple of sites (and it was always the same sites), leading to it continually requesting the same information. I'd love to debug why this was, but this is somewhat difficult when I can't access the DB.

I'm currently jumping through some hoops to try and get access to the new JSP endpoint. Hopefully this will be granted soon and I can update the application to deal with the new XML schema.


Brian Bockelman said...

Hey man, don't feel bad, I also got banned by the SAM DB.

In fact, I was the reason that they started monitoring this sort of stuff - I was able to crash it because they didn't have the proper indices. I had no clue that an Oracle DB was so easy to crash!

If you want some script which probably does the exact same damn thing, it is here:


Make both the quality graphs and a uptime percentage graph!

Greig A Cowan said...

Thanks for the offer of the new script, but I've already converted the other one to use the new XML schema and new database endpoints. The monitoring is back up, but at the moment I've been limited to using the validation SAM instance which doesn't contain exactly the same data as the production one. For some reason everything is OK with the validation endpoint, but the production endpoint gives some problems. Hopefully they let me back in this week so I can work out what's going on.