23 January 2008

CCRC confusion

So, which Tier-2s are involved in the February CCRC exercise? Does anyone know? What about the date that they will get involved? Do they need to have SRM2.2, or not? Some sources suggest they do, others suggest they don't. If anyone knows the answers to these questions, please email me. I think I'll start attending the daily meetings to find out what is going on.

Also, it turns out that although the 1.8.0-12 release of dCache was made sometime last week, it turns out that this is also the CCRC branch of dCache. Do you spot the difference? Good, then we can continue. This explains the weird naming convention that the dCache developers are using for all CCRC related releases, namely 1.8.0-12p1, 1.8.0-12p2 for patch versions 1 and 2 of the 1.8.0-12 branch. Hope that clears things up.


Jamie said...

I have added a session on the CCRC'08 planning meeting of Monday 28th January on the CCRC'08 calendar proposed at the last F2F/GDB:


I'll also put something on the agenda of Feb's F2F.

Please do join the daily calls and/or add comments / questions / concerns on the CCRC'08 wiki (see http://cern.ch/LCG -> CCRC'08)

Brian Bockelman said...

:) Maybe I'm just crazy, but I thought patchlevel 12 patch 2 = patchlevel 14!

I'd be shocked if we don't see a couple more patches anyway, being that CCRC'08 is a month or two long!

(Which is fine - I'd much rather upgrade RPMs weekly than work around bugs which already have been fixed.)

Greig A Cowan said...

Yep, this is precisely the point I was making. It mostly makes sense when you consider 1.8.0-12 as a branch of dCache (as opposed to a patch), but it wasn't at all clear, initially.