16 January 2008

Monitoring SRM2.2 deployment

Using a combination of the WLCG information system, srmPing from the StoRM SRM client, a multithreaded python script, GraphTool and Apache, I've set up some daily monitoring of all of the SRM v2.2 endpoints that are available on the Grid. This will help track deployment of the new software, allowing us to see which versions are running in production.


Using the cool GraphTool features, you can drill down into the data by typing dCache, CASTOR or DPM in the SRM_flavour box. You can also look at a particular countries endpoints by putting something like .uk in the endpoint box (for all UK sites). Hopefully poor old wn3.epcc can handle all this monitoring that it's doing!

One thing to note is that there is quite a variety of dCache 1.8.0-X out there. What are the developers playing at?

A slightly annoying feature is that srmPing requires a valid proxy, so I'll need to come up with a good way of creating a long-lived one.

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Greig A Cowan said...

I've added this page to the CERN twiki so that people can see the SRM2.2 deployment data without having to go directly to wn3 and potentially suffer from their browser not being able to handle the xml+xslt.

I've also added a new query to plot the information for the past day on a pie chart. This makes it easier to see the numbers.