05 January 2009

The evolution of storage in 2008

I've been running my WLCG storage version monitoring system for 1 year so I thought now would be a prudent time to have a quick review of the changes in the storage infrastructure over the past year. The above image shows the count of each different version of the SRM2.2 storage middleware that is deployed on the Grid each day. Over the course of the year the number of deployed SRM2.2 endpoints increased steadily from ~100 to >250.

The pie charts below show the breakdown (as of today) for the different versions of DPM, dCache and CASTOR that are running on the Grid. There are also 20 instances of StoRM out there, but StoRM does not appear to return versioning information from an srmPing operation so it's not possible to tell what version is deployed.

DPM clearly dominates in terms of number of running instances. Hopefully CERN doesn't do something crazy like drop support for it! It's interesting to see that there are still many old versions of the software running at sites. Perhaps this is an indication of the success of SRM in that all of these different implementations are still talking to each other.

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