29 January 2009

GridPP DPM toolkit v2.2.0 released

Hot on the heels of v2.1.0 comes v2.2.0. This one contains a couple of new tools that have been created to allow sites to have a greater understanding of what is happening with their space tokens. These are:

* dpm-sql-spacetoken-usage

This displays information like:

* dpm-sql-spacetoken-list-files

Unfortunately, I have had to use some SQL to directly query the DB as the API doesn't support this functionality. I'm hoping that the small DB schema change in v1.7.0 of DPM doesn't break these tools too much... These tools were born out of some discussion which has taken place over the past couple of days on our gridpp-storage mailing list (anyone can join!). Thanks to those who tested out the initial releases of the tools.

I have also made another change to dpns-su. I have added another new switch (-s, --summary) for dpns-du which will present a summary of the total size under a target directory rather than the default behaviour which displays the summary for every sub-dir under the target.

You can get it from the usual place (although it will take a day for te yum repodata to update). Again, the release notes on the wiki will be updated at some stage...

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