23 January 2009

GridPP DPM toolkit v2.1.0 released

I've built a new release of the DPM admin toolkit. This one contains a couple of new tools that have been created by Sam Skipsey. They both present the user with a breakdown of the storage used in the DPM per user/group. One tool uses the DPM python API to do this (and is correspondingly slow) while the other directly talks to the DPM database using the python SQL module. Fingers crossed that this should present the same numbers as are calculated by the GridppDpmMonitor.

There is also a new switch for dpns-du which stops directories of zero size being printed to stdout. Yes Winnie, this one's for you.

You can get it from the usual place. Some of the release notes have to be updated for the new tools as I haven't got round to that yet...

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